The Firm



Founded in 2015, Foresight Global is an investment boutique that utilizes an unconstrained, high conviction investment process to build global and international equity portfolios. Our investment team led by CIO Ajay Mehra embodies a performance-driven culture. We manage with a long term, value orientation and seek to mitigate risk utilizing our proprietary risk management process. 

At Foresight we believe in doing first class business in a first class way. We provide bespoke, transparent money management  for institutional and ultra high net worth clients. We prefer to enter into long term partnerships with clients who understand what we do and how we do it  and value the significant alpha that we have been able to provide.    


At Foresight Global we believe there is an important difference between a good stock and a good business. That is why our investment process is focused on rigorous fundamental analysis within a framework that weighs absolute returns with capital preservation. 


We also believe that portfolio construction plays a crucial role in the investment outcome. Managers often make poor "sizing" decisions, leading to unbalanced portfolios and higher volatility. At Foresight, we take the emotion out of portfolio construction by employing a proprietary rules-based process designed to isolate our alpha and create a portfolio of stocks that exhibits more consistent absolute and relative performance. 


Another core belief is that returns across global markets tend to equilibrate over time. Having an unconstrained, benchmark-agnostic approach allows us the flexibility to invest globally wherever the most value can be identified.